Health Center Management system

'SCORE Health' is a suite of web enabled and smart card based healthcare information management system that automates the front office, clinic, clinical support, inventory and back office operations in healthcare facilities. It enables better cost control, increased efficiency, improved resource utilization and above all, better healthcare delivery to the patient. SCORE Health can be configured to adapt to the workflow of any healthcare facility and the smart card interface combined with multi-location feature allows it to be implemented seamlessly across a chain of healthcare units. The biometrics based fingerprint identification for patients / beneficiaries provides a powerful and faster mechanism to reduce frauds due to misuse or impersonation.

Whether it be a multiple tier set up with a chain of distributed polyclinics or satellite centres at the basic level and a tertiary hospital or a central controlling unit as the other end of the healthcare delivery system, the Health Management System provides a secure health information storage system and lends flexibility to the patient to visit any of the healthcare delivery points.

Case Studies