Video Active Alert

Technology - Smart Card OS

Video Active AlertTM is a microprocessor based product solution from SCORE'S Incubator Lab. The Active Alert is an integrated solution to escalate video analysis alerts on real time to the stakeholders predefined in the system through SMS and video calls.

The Key features include:
• Real time voice calls & SMS upon video alarm.
• SMS provides camera location name, alarm type, date & time.
• Supports both PSTN & GSM Networks.
• Provides reports on Action & Response.
• Stores unlimited numbers in phone book.

Active AlertTM captures the alarm details in real time from Video Management Software.

The Active AlertTM stands integrated with MirasysTM and Verint’s Nextiva.

SCORE is currently developing plug–ins for various other brands. The Solution has been implemented in 28 plants of HPCL spread across the country amongst others.