Score Information Technologies Limited

Perimeter Surveillance

In order to protect perimeter intrusion, sophisticated security solutions are required. We offer combined security solutions comprising of:

Video based Perimeter Surveillance System - It uses Fixed Megapixel Cameras, PTZ cameras, Thermal Cameras along with various Video Analytical rules designed on a secure network with failure redundancy.

Photoelectric Beam Sensor - It is designed to activate an alarm when an intruder passes within the direct line of sight between the transmitter and receiver.

Fiber Optic Mesh Vibration Sensing – The system consists of Fiber Optic technology coupled with intelligent sensor. The fiber optic cable becomes extremely sensitive to pressure and motion, capable of detecting minute vibrations transmitted through the fence, soil or the surface.

Power Fencing – Low voltage power fences can be configured and designed as an effective deterrent.

We understand that all problems don’t have identical solutions hence a need based system can be designed with a combination of technologies to achieve the required security infrastructure for the premises.

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