Score Information Technologies Limited

Video Surveillance

End-to-end solutions for True IP Video Surveillance as well as analogue-digital hybrid systems are among our products. Our key expertise includes design, engineering, project management, after-sales service support, and a PAN-India presence of field engineers for speedy responses.

Various security services have preferred and used our solutions for sensitive area operations. We have executed projects and garnered recurring clients in an open market setting, a compound wall complex, a mall, a township, a hazardous location, or a public safety issue. Some of the projects were completed in exceedingly distant and environmentally hazardous regions. We assist in meeting even the exacting customer's integrated security management system requirements.

We have accomplished big projects like AAI Airports, Oil & Gas Terminals, Oil Refineries, Power Generation Plants, Electrical Substations, Solar Plants, Manufacturing Plants, and Commercial Buildings such as High Courts, Hospitals, and IT Parks, among others.

Case Studies